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Now you forget on school years when you were learned to practise this exercise with legs fixed under the wall-bars because itīs too much boosting of flexors of haunches with possibility health problems in area of shoulders.

If you have enough strong muscles of abdomen you must not have fixed legs and you can have them only laid and flex with full foots on the floor. If you have not enough strong muscles of abdomen you can wind in with heels about suitable firm fixed subject.

You cross your arms on the shoulders in front. You start movement up with folding the torso by traction of abdomen muscles. Then raise the whole torso and in upper position you take up the elbows and continue in movement over the knees.

Return movement must be under the control, the torso is baled to the time when the shoulders touched the floor – in this moment you start the backbone unreel with spondyl after spondyl to the full lying on the back.

You are breathing in with movement down and you are breathing out with movement up.


If you need have fixed legs then you can only with the heels!!!

Exercises Abdomen

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