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You are in lying position on the back on the bench, you hold arms behind the head and you pull mildly flexed legs approximately to the level of bench.

In lower position it is necessary to try have clamped shoulders to the bench. If you are too much deflected and the shoulders are away from touch with the bench you have to the movement make shorter. From this position you draw the legs over the torso – in mildly stadium the bottom is raising from the bench and exercise ends with knees closely over the forehead.

It is necessary to concentrate on slow fulfilment of this exercise – donīt help with whip of the legs. In return movement the bottom rope down, you return spondyl after spondyl. You are breathing in with movement down and you are breathing out with movement up.

Be careful if you have problems with cervical spine. For beginners isnīt this exercise suitable especially for seniority.


Exercises Abdomen

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