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You are in lying position on floor and legs are free laid on bench. Donīt be disownment with heels about opposite edge of bench.

The head is on the arms – arms are adherent in back of the neck. The head is mildly pulled out of the body with the chin mildly pressure against the chest. Donīt pull the head to upper position and disownment to the arms. The head is there free laid.

You precede problems with neck backbone. If you have these problems and have tendency pull the head you will give the arms cross past the head – arms are touching or almost touching on opposite shoulders. In the worst case is better to have arms free along the body on floor.

From position on floor you rise upper part of the torso by movement of traction of abdomen muscles (the torso is in shoulder part touching floor). You are breathing out with movement up.

In no case you try rise the whole body to sitting position. Movement is flex in the backbone and not flex in coxal joint. You are breathing in with return to starting position. Movement is agile with small staying powers in upper position but not fast. Donīt help by whip in movement up and falling in movement down.


If you have problems with neck backbone a have tendency
pull the head you will give the arms cross past the head.

Exercises Abdomen

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