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You are in lying position on specialized bench or on enough high stability and straight bench with fixed foots. Upper margin of gluteus is in plain with edge of bench. If you lie with gluteus overreach the bench then is effect transferred on gluteus muscles. Arms are crossed on thorax.

You are breathing in and the torso bent forward below the bench and chin is clamped to the thorax. You are breathing out and straighten up.

You are not lean backward in the loin region. In upper position is the torso with legs in one line.

erector spinae
m. gluteus maximus


A variation or sometimes basic fulfilment is exercise with firm and straight back. Here is effect transferred almost only in the loin region.

Note: In every variation the exercise ended in moment when are legs with the torso in one line. Because of this demand is the term hyperextension incorrect and in newer literature is not so much used.

Variation: Extending at an incline bench

Variation: Extending over the ball Both of these variations are similar with effect and also with fulfilment.

You lie over specialized incline bench or over the ball. Legs are fixed with plantarums by the floor. The movement is the same like in basic fulfilment but in upper position is the charge lesser. Because of this is this variation easier for beginners to execute.

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