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You are in staying stridden position. You lean body forward (to the horizontal position). Back are deflected (you canīt be inflexed).

You hold pole of bar bell with overgrasp (arms are approximately 20cm from each other). You pull bar bell to the waist up to touch. Elbows are alng the body you canīt have them in sides. You donīt help yourself of movement of body (then there is danger of injury of lumbar backbone).

You are breathing out with movement up and you are breathing in with movement down.

back muscles completely'''

'''m. latissimus dorsi\\
m. teres major\\
m. trapezius (middle, lower)\\
m. teres minor\\
m. subscapularis\\
mm. rhomboidei'''

'''m. deltoideus (posterior)\\
caput longum m. tricipitis brachii\\
m. pectoralis major (sternal part)'''

m. brachii\\
m. biceps brachii'''

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