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You hold dumbbell and you kneel with opposite leg on the bench (with free arm you go upon the bench). Back are deflected and steady.

Starting position is with outspread arm. Then you pull dumbbell to the waist (you push elbow to the body and you donīt have elbow in the side). Donīt turn body to the arm with dumbbell. With movement down you are breathing in and with movement up you are breathing out.

back muscles completely

m. latissimus dorsi
m. teres major
m. trapezius (middle, lower)
m. teres minor
m. subscapularis
mm. rhomboidei

m. deltoideus (posterior)
caput longum m. tricipitis brachii
m. pectoralis major (sternal part)

m. brachii
m. biceps brachii

Exercises Back

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