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You hold single-handed dumbbell. Opposite hand and knee are on the bench to support the back. Back are deflected and fixed.

You pull the dumbbell from outspread arm to the shoulder. In upper position is elbow in extension of axis of shoulders and antebrachium is upright to the floor.

Donīt turn body to the arm with dumbbell. Donīt help yourself with movements of whole body. With movement down you are breathing in and with movement up you are breathing out.

back muscles completely (accent on the outside of the latissimus dorsi)

m. latissimus dorsi
m. teres major
m. trapezius (middle, lower)
m. teres minor
m. subscapularis
mm. rhomboidei

m. deltoideus (posterior)
caput longum m. tricipitis brachii
m. pectoralis major (sternal part)

m. brachii
m. biceps brachii

Exercises Back

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