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For this exercise there have been special machines but you can use classical peck deck (see photo).

You are in sitting position face to head rest (the head rest should be adjusted upright). You clench the fist and with thumb side you push crowbar of machine to the back.

Body is at all the time of exercising by the head rest. You arenīt leant by head. The movement is coming out from shoulder joint and range of movement isnīt too big. Concentrate on the part between bladebones. You are breathing out with the movement to the back.

Tendency of these muscles is fast grow limp and with abbreviated breast muscles conduce to bad carriage of body – to a round shoulders.

mm. rhomboids
m. trapezius - middle part
m. trapezius - lower part
m. deltoid - posterior

m. teres minor
m. infraspinatus

Detail of keeping.

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