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This is technical exercise which doesn´t looks exacting but is exacting for correct fulfilment.

Bench is a little bit placed before imaginary axis which connected pulleys. You are in sitting position on the bench. In upper position arms are outspread with palms routing forth. You try pull bladebones on and elbows to the hips. Anterbrachium and arms should form the passive mechanical connecting link between elbow and pulley.

Problem with fulfilment of this exercise is that most of athletes during movement to much connect flexor of arms. If it is like this you try pulling pulleys only with two or three fingers and concentrate on maximum releasing of biceps during exercising.

m. latissimus dorsi
mm. rhomboids
m. trapezius - middle part
m. trapezius - lower part
m. serratus anterior

Holding with problem of connect flexor of arms. You hold pulleys only with tips of the fingers.

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