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You are in sitting position by down pulley, feet resting on the food pad, knees are mildly flexed. You have outspread arms and you hold narrow adaptor.

Movement begins in forward bend. Not even in this position are blocks of weight in touch (if they are you should move away if it is possible).

You pull the adaptor to the waist, straightening out and ending in vertical position with deflected backbone. You pull the elbows back as far as possible.

In final period of movement you try the shoulders tip up back and the blade-bones have the most approached on. You pull shoulders down to floor. You are breathing in with the movement ahead and you are breathing out with pulling the pulley to the body.

m. latissimus dorsi'''

back muscles completely\\
m. brachii\\
m. biceps brachii'''

%lfloat%|You must not push shoulders up.
%right%| You must not crouch.

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