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You can practise this exercise in sitting position like seated row or you can be in standing position like in following account of exercise.

You hold in arm single-handed adaptor and with second arm you are leant about your femur. Your back are deflected and fixed at an angle 45š against the floor (it is approximately upright on pulling of the pulley).

You pull adaptor from outspread arm to a waist. You press elbow to the body. In final period of exercise you try pull the elbow back as far as possible. During a movement palm is rotating in the direction up.

Body donīt rotate under exercising arm. Donīt help with movement of body. With movement down you are breathing in and with movement up you are breathing out.

m. latissimus dorsi

back muscles completely
m. brachii
m. biceps brachii

With bigger forward bend is better extension of muscle. It can be useful with problems of build-up of m. latissimus dorsi.

You can exercise in the sitting position.

Incorrectly! In every variation you mustnīt rotate your body.

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