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Original fulfilment: you have weight only on one side of dumbbell and second part of dumbbell is in the corner of room or in another suitable place. You hold pole of dumbbell with palms on or with narrow adaptor which is threaded on the pole of dumbbell.

Now are in fitness centres special machines for this exercise but principle is the same.

You are in stridden standing position. Pole of dumbbell is between your legs. You are lean forward nearly in horizontal position. Back are deflected (you canīt be inflexed because of heavy weights).

You keep holder of dumbbell with narrow or middle grasp with overgrasp (or with narrow parallel adaptor). You pull holder to the body up to touch of holder or disks. Elbows are a little bit in the sides. You canīt help with movement of body because then there is danger of injury of hipster backbone. With movement down you are breathing in and with movement up you are breathing out.

back muscles completely

m. latissimus dorsi
m. teres major
m. trapezius (middle, lower)
m. teres minor
m. subscapularis
mm. rhomboidei

m. deltoideus (posterior)
caput longum m. tricipitis brachii
m. pectoralis major (sternal part)

m. brachii
m. biceps brachii

It is possible to use adaptor which is threaded on the pole of dumbbell.

In this exercise (especially when you are exercising on machine) you can experiment with different variations of grasps.

With wide holding is effect transmitted on upper part of back and influence is on mass of back muscles. With middle holding is original effect on back width.

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