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According to fulfilment of the machine you are in staying positron or in seating position by the biceps rest. In outspread arms you hold barbell approximately in width of shoulders.

You are breathing out and you flex the arms in the elbows (without off-put the upper arm from the rest).

If is inclination of the bench about 45 degrees to the floor (or more closer to horizontal position) then you end the movement before achievement of vertical position of antebrachium. In this setting of the bench I donīt recommend in lower position to have completely outspread the elbows (you end closely before maximum outspread of the elbows). The reason is to prevent damage of ligament apparatus in elbow joins. If is inclination of the bench closely upright to the floor then the exercise proceed in maximum range but also in this case be careful in lower position.

Personally I recommend if you want to build up height of the biceps you will practise them in this position on the biceps machine or with variation cable preacher curl.

m. biceps brachii
m. brachialis
m. brachioradialis

The effect is shifted to the head gradient. In the upright position with the burden of the wells near the elbow, what is more inclined horizontal position, the greater the effect of shifting the peak of the biceps.

Exercises Biceps

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