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You are in standing position and you are mildly stridden. You hold pole of the multipress with undergrasp. Grasp is in width of shoulders or eventually closely by the femurs.

You are breathing out and flexing arms in the elbows. You push the elbows mildly backward during the movement because of this you must not incline the body from the multipress). In upper position you try mildly push the thorax on pole of the multipress. You are breathing in and regressing to the starting position.

Also in this exercise is very easy truckle to tendency by help with overcoming heavier weights by slam down by the whole body and pitching motion (but it is not so easy like with using of the free barbell).

Note: you can practise this exercise only on machines in which is pole spinning by lengthwise axis. (But today is it by most of multipresses.)

m. biceps brachii

Exercises Biceps

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