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On the first sigh is this exercise a little bit bizarre but also very effectual for building up a mass of calf.

The platform over which you make calf raise is before some suitable rest (stability bench, wall bars,...). You can see on photos that we use in our gym by upper pulley without seat.

The torso is forward bend approximately horizontally with floor and legs are tense. Your alive weight sits low on your bottom (it is suitable if him can hold that pole with full weight pulley).

Over edge of platform you make toe standing position (in the concrete in this fulfilment in series to tiredness).

You are breathing in with movement down and you are breathing out with movement up.

Variation: donkey calf rise on the machine

This machine is not in each fitness-centre. On your back is not sitting you partner but there are padded bars of machine. In the principle is it the same exercise.



Exercises Calfs

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