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Full-valued exercise for building mass of calf. You can use him in lieu of donkey calf rise if you donīt have suitable partner for weight.

From mechanically aspect is it the same exercise like the donkey calf rise. In both cases the torso and legs compress approximately 90degrees. Because of this position the exercise start from big extension of muscle and is so effectual.

You are in lying or sitting position (according to style of leg-press) on machine. You make over edge of platform toe standing position. You can change three positions of foots like others exercises for calf – foots in a parallel way, with tip-toes on or from each other.

You are breathing in with extension of muscle and you are breathing out with toe standing position.

m. triceps surae

m. tibialis posterior
m. flexor digitorum longus
m. flexor hallucis longus
mm. peronaei

Exercises Calfs

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