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You are in lying position on back on bench - you take down a barbell from stands (it is possible train it also on multipress), you keep the pole of barbell with overgrasp. Width of grasp is such to imaginary line conducted by antebrachium compress with axis of barbell approximately right angle, in lower period of exercise.

With tinge you trigger the barbell to a chest, approximately to the level of teats, eventually closelly above them. Here the barbell donīt crack-off but with control you stop the barbell. Presently with breathing out you start direction up to the tight arms. Elbows are all time of exercising located under the pole of barbell - you donīt approach the elbows to the body. You donīt rise the legs.

If you have troubles with hipster backbone it is possible to exercise it that you bend the legs in the knees and you hold the legs in the air. But it is more difficult to hold balance. Eventually it is possible lay the legs by plantarum on bench (see figurante on the picture).

Attention: in this case you must rise the pelvis from pad not.

m. pectoralis major - sternal part

m. pectoralis major - clavicular part
m. deltoideus - front part
m. triceps brachii

Basic position of trunk and legs during
exercising bench press.
Attention: Monkey grip is secure only to the multipress

Position of legs with troubles of back.

This is mistake. If you are not competitive athletes
is camber to that extent unnecessary.

Exercises Chest

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