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You are exercising on bench with inclination approximately 20-30° with stretcher for legs (the same like is for exercising of abdomen muscles). You are exercising in lying position upside down. With angle bigger than 30° is to the exercising too much connected latissimus dorsi and it can makes unpleasant feelings in shoulders and in the area of cervical backbone.

You keep dumbbells in almost outspread the arms over thorax (arms are vertically to floor).

Dumbbells compress angle 90° each other with peak by the thumbs.

With tinge you trigger the arms after bow to sides approximately to the level of shoulders. Dumbbells compress angle 90° each other with peak by the thumbs all the time eventually it is possible to use holding of dumbbells with palms on – concurrently all the time.

Caution: this exercise isnīt suitable for oldest people, with troubles of high blood pressure, glaucoma or other eye ilnesses and for full beginners.

m. pectoralis major - sternal part
chest - lower part (old school claim)

m. pectoralis major - clavicular part
m. deltoideus - front part,
m. triceps brachii

Dumbbells are to each other at an angle of 90 degrees or collaterally.

Exercises Chest

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