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You are in lying position on bench. Starting position is by the shoulders. Dumbbells compress angle 90° each other with peak by the thumbs (it is possible to use holding of dumbbells with palms on – concurrently).

With breathing out you push dumbbells after the shortest track (not after bow) above the thorax to the tight arms where dumbbells get together nearly. With tinge you trigger dumbbells back to the shoulders.

Track of dumbbells copies big printing A with peak above the thorax. With look of side arms with dumbbell donīt hold up ahead and not to the back.

You donīt rise the legs during practise this exercise.

m. pectoralis major - sternal part

m. pectoralis major - clavicular part
m. deltoideus - front part
m. triceps brachii

Dumbbells are to each other at an angle of 90 degrees or collaterally.

Exercises Chest

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