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You are in lying position crosswise on the bench. Only back and partly head are leant on the bench (you donīt have head floppy to area because if you have then you will have problems with neck bone). Hips hang down and their weight press upon chest for bigger dishing.

You have vacancy between thumbs and other fingers - there you keep dumbbell (see picture). Because of safeness it is possible to use only dumbbell with disc resolutely fixed, kept of nut or inside bolt and before exercising more controlled.

Never you donīt keep like this dumbbells with lateral bolt because they are inscrutable and it portend of hard injury of head or face.

It is possible to use harder top-shell and keep him with both arms.

Exercise start with arms almost outspread above head. With deep breath in you run arms past the head to the abduction. It is possible to have anterbrachium in finale period in location almost vertical to the floor. With breathing out you regress to the starting position.

Attention: Dishing come out at chest and you donīt sag of shoulders.

This exercise is very useful for young people (to the 18-20 years old) because development of their bone is not finished. This exercise is beneficial for older athletes too.

m. pectora lis major - sternal part
m. pectoralis major - clavicular part
chest - lower part (old school claim)
development of the ribcage (old school claim)

m. lattissimus dorsi
m. teres major
m. triceps brachii
m pectoralis minor

Detail of holding.

Good exercise is with enough hard top-shell.

Exercises Chest

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