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This exercise is difficult is suitable for advanced athletes.

Starting position is push-up on arms. With breath in you are abseiling. Body is mildly inclined forth between poles. Elbows route mildly to the sides.

With breathing out you regress to upper position. At first is good to test lower position because of uncontrolled exercise or hurt of shoulder joint.

In the course of time it s possible to add weight on belt in front of body.

m. pectoralis major - sternal part
chest - lower part (old school claim)

m. pectoralis major - clavicular part
m. deltoideus - front part
m. triceps brachii
m. pectoralis minor
m. rhomboideus
m. trapezius
m. levator scapulae
m. latissimus dorsi
m. teres major

Detail of holding of the klippes.

Exercises Chest

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