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This apparatus is known as “butterfly”.

In setting position you have arms on grips. Elbows are in the same high like shoulders (eventually a little bit higher). In elbow joint is approximately right angle.

You try to have antebrachium in contact with armrests of apparatus at all time.

In a hind location is to be muscles pull through. Don´t curtail the motion (it rest with type of construction of apparatus; be careful with damage of shoulder joint).

In a front location you finish with graze crows of apparatus.

With controlled crocking weight astern you breath in. With surmounting of opposition of apparatus you breath out.

m. pectoralis major - sternal part

m. pectoralis major - clavicular part
m. deltoideus - front part

In every variation you have anterbrachium
in contact with armrests of apparatus.

Exercises Chest

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