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You are in sitting position and you hold the barbell with undergrasp by the edge of the bench. In the elbows is approximately right angle.

You flex the wrist in maximum range of the movement – down below level of the bench and on opposite side up over level of the bench.

It is possible to hold the barbell without thumbs and also with palms opposite other fingers. Without thumbs you can practise this exercise in larger range – the pole is possible to pull to the fingers but in upper position the barbell can sidle out. Wit big weights used in this exercise it isn´t pleasant experience.

m. flexor carpi radialis
m. flexor carpi ulnaris
m. palmaris longus

m. abductor pollicis longus
m. flexor digitorum profundus
m. flexor digitorum superficialis
m. flexor pollicis longus

Wrist curl with support on the femurs

The same fulfilment but you have the barbell situated on the femurs and you pull the barbell forward of the knees. You can practise this variation when you have not the bench which is enough stabile and wide for practising basic variation.

Exercises Forearms

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