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When you are starting to use more exacting exercises (so-called basic exercises – and squat is this too) is this variation of fulfilment the squat the best way how to prepare for this the organism.

Basic poise is in standing position with legs outspread approximately in width of shoulders and with ends of foots mildly turn to sides. The pole of dumbbell is lying on the shoulders on trapezius muscles (it must not push to neck backbone).

You are breathing in and you go down to lower position of the exercise which is stake out with bench. You donīt sit on bench but in moment of light touch you are starting to the starting position with sequent breath out.

You try to have erect posture all the time your look tends straight forth. More easy is to try this exercise on multipress for the right posture.

When you use bigger weights you use the belt. In this variation you can use this exercise to overcoming stagnation in progress with classic squat.


Exercises Legs

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