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Presses on machine are nearly equivalent compensation of squats (itīs good for your back if you have problems with them). But it doesnīt mean that there is no case how to have an injury of the back. An injury of the lower back is frequent on this machine.

Basic sign of exercises on this machine is posture of the torso with the legs – an angle is 90 degrees.

In gyms are three basic types of the machine:

Upright leg-press: is the oldest from machines. On this machine you canīt have so big weights. You must be more careful about right position the torso and bottom during practising this exercise.

Obviously the biggest disadvantage of upright leg-press is horizontal position of the torso and the head with raised legs – because of this big amount blood is going to the head and it can create unpleasant sense. Also it make bigger risk of complication with high blood pressure or glaucomatous.

Second variation of the machine is angled leg-press. The torso and legs have with floor an angle 45 degrees and the isnīt bloodshot of the head. On this variation of machine you must use bigger weights.

And the last variation of machines is horizontal leg-press. You are in sitting position with the torso approximately upright to floor. This variation is popular for women.

Practising on all types of machines is almost the same. You push the weights with legs up and down in the biggest range of movement.

In basic position are foots on the desk of machine approximately in width of the shoulders. With movement down you have knees in the direction to the sides – out of the torso (you must not push the abdomen with the femurs).

With right fulfilment the backbone isnīt stress. With using bigger weights and especially with upright and angled leg-press isnīt this exercise suitable with problems of higher blood pressure or glaucomatous.

Before start of practising this exercise you must control if you donīt have the bottom out from the rest (see the photo) in lower position. Raised bottom can be reason of injury the backbone. If you have raised bottom you have to give the body more out from the machine – in the direction of the head.

Variations: If is there possibility of machine you can experiment with different width and standing of foots on desk of machine. The rule of the bottom is significant always.



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