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The torso is on desk of machine – donīt lean backward. You hold with arms under level of desk – the holders should be there. The knee is in axis of pivot on him is turning bar with weight. If you lie outside of the axis so the roll is rolling on your calfs and foots.

From lower position you push weight in direct to the bottom and foots are in extension of the legs – donīt make upright foots. If you have upright foot you donīt practise all muscles which you need. But at the other side if you make upright foots in the last repeating so it has the same effect like if you have help from your training partner.

The bottom is clamped to desk of the machine all the time – donīt extrude your bottom. Return movement make slowly and in lower position donīt relax at all the muscles (to weight donīt be holding only on fibrous structures of knee joint). You are breathing out with movement up.

Donīt make upright foots!!!



Exercises Legs

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