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Basic poise is in standing position with legs outspread approximately in width of shoulders and with ends of foots mildly turn to sides. The pole of dumbbell is lying on the shoulders on trapezius muscles (it must not push to neck backbone).

You are breathing in and you go down to lower position of the exercise. Minimum depth of squat is approximately when is the femur horizontally with floor. If you donīt have problems with knees there is not a reason donīt go deeper (for example to mildly touch of femurs and calfs). You must not go down to the squat fast and from there bounce yourself from the calfs – it is not good for your knees. You are breathing out and you go up to the starting position.

You try to have erect posture all the time your look tends straight forth. More easy is to try this exercise on multipress for the right posture. When you use bigger weights you use the belt.

Note: Benefits and risks are frequent theme. With right fulfilment this exercise is very good which aid to building-up of the whole body.



Exercises Legs

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