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Combined and more likely technically exercise for shoulders.

There is also variation without backrest and it is not right. The backbone is here in disadvantageous position and it could lead to injury of your backbone. Attention: it is possible also in a case when you have backrest too much backswept. Then is better using of standing position. See instruction for seated barbell front press.

You hold dumbbells in inflexed arms in front of the shoulders. You are breathing out and pull the dumbbells above the head while rotating 180 degrees at the wrists (elbows scroll to the sides). In the moment when are upper arms in a parallel way with the floor should be an imaginary axis which connected the elbows at the same time browses with shoulders. Then you finish the movement to the position with almost outspread arms above the head.

Basic mistake in this exercise is concentration only on rotation of palms and not on movement of elbows to the back too.

m. deltoideus - front part

m. deltoideus - middle part
m. triceps brachii

Exercises Shoulders

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