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This exercise you can implements of 2 methods of holding. You can use narrow parallel adaptor and you hold the adaptor with back of the hand inside. Or you pull pulley with straight adaptor and you hold the adaptor in width 20cm with overgrasp.

With parallel inside grasp is the effect underscored probably on middle part of deltoid muscle. You are breathing out and pulling the pulley by the femurs to the chin. Elbows are under the adaptor and it is an important detail. (In final period of the exercise you can transferred effect of the exercise on back part of deltoid muscle if you try “rip up” the adaptor).

This exercise is suitable also for beginners.

m. deltoideus - middle part

m. deltoideus - front part
m. trapezius

With advantage you can use this parallel holding of the adaptor.

Exercises Shoulders

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