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This is similar exercise like low-pulley lateral raises but just with simple change of track of movement is changed whole specialization of exercise.

You are in staying position and mildly stridden sideward and simultaneously c. 30 centimeters at the back behind axis of low pulley. With free arm you are fixed about the construction of machine or about your hip.

Starting position is with adaptor in mildly flexed arm before the body. Arms are raising sideway above a bow at first before the body and than to the side and to the back. Movement is conducted by back of the hand. You ended approximately in high of the head in higher position of movement most of you will to use too much trapezius muscle.

About the breathing during this exercise are here discussions. But the principle is that you are breathing out with the movement up and you are breathing in with the movement down.

m. deltoideus - rear part

m. deltoideus - middle part
m. trapezius

Exercises Shoulders

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