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You are in staying position and you are mildly stridden. Your torso leans forward to the parallel position back are deflected and you must not be inflexed because of heavy weight. Arms with dumbbells are mildly flexed are down with palms on and from this position you raising the arms sideway above the bow.

In final position upper arm is in one level with shoulders and the arms approximately in level of the ears. Movement is conducted by back of the head eventually by auricular finger.

You must not help by movement of the torso there is danger of injury of the loin backbone. And if you do movement of whole body then dumbbells will have too big inertial force and in upper position you do not stop it and it can create injury of shoulder joints!!!

Because of these reasons is this exercise suitable for beginners not. You are breathing in with the movement down and you are breathing out with the movement up.

m. deltoideus - rear part

m. deltoideus - middle part
m. trapezius

Exercises Shoulders

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