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You kneel with left hip to low pulley and in forward bend you rest on left arm. Cable leads under the thorax.

Right arm is mildly flexed in elbow and you pull the right arms crosswise under the body to the pulley. From this position you pull the pulley after a bow to abduction. In finale position is upper arm in one level with shoulders and the arm is in one level with the ears. Movement follows back of the hand.

You are breathing in with the movement to the pulley and you are breathing out with abduction. After fulfilment one set you change sides.

Before first repetition you must gauge track of exercise because of “burning” rule joint of arm about floor. You are breathing in with movement down and you are breathing out with movement up.

m. deltoideus - rear part

m. deltoideus - middle part
m. trapezius

Exercises Shoulders

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