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In this exercise you do not dispense without bench with quality pedestals. It is also possible to implement this exercise on multipress. It is because of security during exercising and also because of self sufficiency you can implement this exercise without almost necessary assistance of training partner.

You are in sitting position on the bench and leant on backrest (backrest is mildly diverted from vertical line). If you have problems with back you can implement seated barbell front press with more backswept backrest.

You hold barbell with overgrasp and palms are dialled forward. Starting position of barbell is above the head. You are breathing in and pull the barbell on behalf of the head to the shoulders (minimally below level of the ears). You are breathing out and push the barbell beyond the head.

There is also variation without backrest and it is not right. The backbone is here in disadvantageous position and it could lead to injury of your backbone. Then is better using of standing position.

Note: This exercise is not suitable with problems of the shoulders and the neck backbone.

m. deltoideus - front part

m. deltoideus - middle part
m. triceps brachii

Correct width of grasp is in a moment when are upper arms in one line with shoulders and in elbow is approximately right angle.

Exercises Shoulders

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