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You are in sitting position on the bench and leant on backrest (backrest is mildly diverted from vertical line). If you have problems with back you have the backrest more inclined back (then weight of barbells is spread on rest). Effect of exercise is more transferred on upper part of pectoralis but it is not damaging. See instruction for seated barbell press.

You pull barbells to the shoulders and palms are dialled forward. You are breathing out and pull the dumbbells above your head where they are almost in touch. The track of dumbbells forms big A. You are breathing in and return the barbell to the starting position at shoulder level.

Note: There is also variation without backrest and it is not right. The backbone is here in disadvantageous position and it could lead to injury of your backbone. Attention: it is possible also in a case when you have backrest too much backswept. Then is better using of standing position.

m. deltoideus - front part

m. deltoideus - middle part
m. triceps brachii

Exercises Shoulders

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