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You are in staying position and you are stridden. Your weight of body is a little bit transferred ahead (but it is not forward bend!!!). You hold axis of barbell in the middle in width approximately of 20centimeters with undergrasp.

You pull the barbell from femurs closely along the body to the chin. Elbows are all the time of movement higher than a pole of barbell (this is very important detail). During the whole exercise is necessary to control a carriage of body you must not lean backward, bend in loin region or pitching of barbell.

This exercise is not so much suitable for beginners. And it is not suitable also for people who have to big tendency for using the trapezius muscles.

m. deltoideus - middle part

m. deltoideus - front part
m. deltoideus - rear part
m. supraspinatus
m. serratus anterior
m. infraspinatus
m. pectoralis major (pars clavicularis)
caput longum m. bicipitis
m. trapezius

Exercises Shoulders

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