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You are in lying position on the bench which is inclined with an angle 15-30degrees with rest of the legs.

You hold dumbbell with overgrasp (out of thumb – it means thumbs are on same side pole like other fingers and palms tends in this position to the legs). Grasp is narrow: 15-20centimeters. Very useful is to use so-called “triceps EZ bell”.

You pull the barbell by flexion arms in elbows to the bench past the head (back of the hand can mildly touch on the bench) eventually by disks closely under the floor – it rests in fulfilment of the bench.

Movement up ends by tension in elbow (in any case not by movement in shoulder) upper arm is at all time mildly inclined to the head. Elbows must not during the exercise go to the sides.

You are breathing in with movement down and you are breathing out with movement up.

m. triceps brachii

Exercises Triceps

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