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This is exacting exercise suitable for advanced athletes.

Starting position: you suspend the body on the parallel bar. Palms are dialled out, all the fingers tend in (see photo).

You are breathing in and you pull yourself between poles, elbows tend to the sides. You are breathing out and regress to the upper position.

At first you carefully test depth of lower position for eventual risk of injury with uncontrolled of the exercise or with lowered mobility of shoulder joints and wrist.

With time you can add weights by hanging them on belt over the torso.

m. triceps brachii
m. pectoralis major

m. deltoideus - front part
m. rhomboideus
m. trapezius
m. levator scapulae
m. latissimus dorsi
m. teres major

Detail of holding of parallel bar.

Exercises Triceps

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